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Mad City Hack Script

  • Infinate Ammo
  • Infinite Money
  • Instant Rob
  • Auto EXP
  • Dog EXP

And much more.

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mad city hack script

Mad City is among the most played game title on Roblox. The open-world and action game was developed in 2017 by Schwifty Studios and has maintained its appeal to gamers ever since. Mad City offers numerous features to explore and abilities to unlock that will make your gameplay better. In the game, you have to choose between being the police, prisoner, or robber. This choice will inform your character’s ability and the overall gameplay. These diverse options make the game entertaining and will have you competing for hours. Mad City hacks aim to make the game interesting and reduce the burden of gameplay. The hack’s features allow you to play the game better and achieve better results in a shorter time.


Infinite Ammo

As you navigate through the huge open world in the game, you need all the ammo you can get. It will help protect you from attacks by enemies. This feature will ensure your inventory is always full and that all your weapons have a proper ammo supply. You can thus fire for as long as you need to without them running out. The feature will also save you constant visits to the in-game store as you will always have enough ammo to beat rivals.

Infinite Money

In-game money lets you make upgrades to your player and items whenever you need to. This feature will ensure you have an infinite money supply and that you can get anything you need in the game. You can input the amounts to be displayed through the cheat’s interface, giving you ultimate control. You can now make weapons upgrades, get new skins, and many more without any concern. It will also save you many game hours you would have needed to accumulate all the money.

Instant Rob

If you select the robber mode in the game, this feature lets you make better and efficient robberies. You can now walk into any location, and it will instantly get robbed. All valuables will be moved to your inventory, and thus it will be easier to escape from the police. You can now accumulate more valuables in a shorter time, thanks to this feature. It will make your gameplay better.

Auto EXP

This feature will add more skill points to your player as you navigate through the game. As you play the game, it will ensure you gather the highest points. This will make it easier to rank better in the game and will make your player more efficient. You can now have all the points you need, making your gameplay interesting and adding more abilities to your player.


While playing the police mode, you get to keep a dog for your criminal hunts. This feature will make your dog better at detecting robbers before they can get away. You can now catch them easily, and it will add to your exp points in the game. The game will also get interesting and easier to complete with its help. This feature on the hack will transform your gaming experience immensely.