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Counter Blox Hack Script

  • Auto Aim
  • Fully Loaded Weapons
  • Teleportation
  • Skinchanger
  • Infinate Cash
  • God Mode

And much more.

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counter blox hack

Counter Blox is a five a team multiplayer game that lets you connect with fellow gamers and battle for supremacy. The game is set in a huge open world, and you can select your preferred map to play on. These span across the globe, allowing you to select your preferred terrain and gameplay. Once you eliminate the enemies, you are awarded better in-game ranking and cash rewards.
You can use these to buy more gear, weapons, and many more. In addition, you can now get a Counter Blox hack that will make your gameplay better. The hack lets you accomplish more objectives and gather higher points in your gameplay. It has the best features that will contribute to making you a better player.


Auto Aim

This feature comes in handy when faced with enemies and will ensure you never miss a shot. It will aim at your targets and fire at them easily once your cursor rests on them. This allows you to take out more players and rise through the game’s ranks easily. Your kill score will also increase significantly, making you a better gamer. In addition, your teams will always win matches against rivals thanks to this feature.

Fully loaded weapons

This feature will ensure your weapons are always loaded and ready to use. They will be added to your inventory, and you can switch between them whenever you want to. This will make you better prepared for any match you play. It will also add all the weapons in the game to your inventory, allowing you to switch between them at will. This will make you an overall player and will help you increase your kills and overall game points.


This feature makes it easier to move around the map as you can teleport at will. All you have to do is select a point on the map, and you can move there. It is efficient, and you won’t encounter obstacles or rival players on your path. It also allows you to survive for long on the map. You can also evade attacks from other players or launch ambushes better. It will ensure you can play the game better.


This feature gives you access to all the skin collections in the game. They will be added to your inventory, and you can switch between them at will. This will make your gameplay interesting, and you can personalize your experience in every match. These skins will also make your weapons look better, allowing you to stand out from other gamers.

Infinite cash

While playing Counter Blox, having enough money will ensure you get all the weapons and items you need. This feature will help you with this as the money in your inventory will add up as you continue with the gameplay. In a short time, it will be substantial, and you can get any weapon you want. This will make your game interesting.

God mode

This feature will give you ultimate control over your gameplay by making your character powerful and invincible. You can now sustain damages without dying or get shot at without your health bar reducing. The feature ensures you can beat other players easily and without worrying about your character dying mid-game.